How can companies nurture innovation and motivate their talents to bring changes forward?

Every business is destined to get the results it gets. What I mean by this is that poor organization, lack of robust and sustainable innovation culture lead to poor results, and more than before, to a company’s trouble or death.

Smart business leaders shape the culture of their company to drive innovation. Success and consistent positive results come from the implementation and execution of strategies, business models, structure, processes, technologies and incentive systems that encourage innovation.

1. Define your company’s mission around innovation

Many companies don’t have a mission statement, but for those who do, often reports use generic terms, such as “best product in the world? “best customer service?… They do not inspire employees to innovate. A robust and inspiring vision should be framed around how the company works to change its customer’s world, for the better.

2. Create the structure to allow employees to experiment new ideas with unstructured time

Successful innovative companies give time to their employees to get away from their daily tasks, to work on personal or business projects not directly related to their jobs. Then tap into this creative process.

3. Recognize employees’ contribution to the innovation process

Some companies offer monetized incentives. It is hard to assign a $ value to innovation; this is useful for sales teams. Some companies give annual innovation awards; it is a good initiative for a short term, but it creates more competition than it encourages collaboration and creates emulation.

4. Return to the past

No new idea is completely original. Some concepts may not have materialized for various reasons, but it is always good to look at the history and understand why it did not work out. You avoid future mistakes; you can find ways to better the products (new technology, new process, new skill…). Start-up companies which by definition don’t have the past can look at what’s been done in the industry, what did not find success and bounce off this to create something new.

5. Pay attention to culture, not trends

Culture is mass ideology – a system of values and beliefs that run so deep we don’t question it. There’s an American belief in personal invention and reinvention. You see that in cultural products like Snapchat and Instagram, which allow us to invent ourselves at the moment. They may seem like a trend. But they reflect a deep underlying value.

6. Continuous education

Self-development is the key to employee’s success. In the same system where the company should create a structure for unstructured time, those same companies should create time for continuous education. Allow employees to seek new interests, learn and develop new skills.

7. Allow failure

The essence of innovation is that it takes multiple experiments to create new products, solutions, services successfully. Failure is part of the change process. When employees are not afraid of failure, they will feel empowered to take risks and be “crazy?.

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