If your favorite way to relax is camping, then you probably already know that a camping knife is one of the most significant tools you can bring whenever you go camping. This is because it can be used in many ways and for different purposes.

You can use your knife to make trekking poles to make your hiking more stable. Professional campers also use their knives for marking wood or soft rocks so that these can be their guides in case they get lost.

When you decide on where to pitch your camp, your knife can come in handy to clear the campsite of vegetation, so you and your camping companions should all have knives to do that. You can use big knives to cut away scrub, brush, small trees, tall grasses and the like. You can also make your wooden pegs for your tents and dig holes for your fire. Making a small table from tree branches is also possible as well with your knife.

As you can imagine, your knife is an essential tool for cooking because with the one you can cut your food into small pieces. You can also use it to open your canned foods and use it when making sandwiches (how else can you spread your peanut butter?!). Now, if your want a bonfire and you don’t have a camping ax with you, you can also use your knife to cut bare tree branches.

Your camping knife can be used to repair wooden joints, and in tightening screws, so it is very usable for loose screws of gas stoves, camping lanterns, flashlights, and other camping gear. You can also use it to cut and repair fabric such as when repairing torn backpacks, tents and making a tourniquet during emergencies.

So how do you select the best camping knife? Well, when I go camping I make sure I bring along a very solid and durable knife, and I also bring an extra for food preparation. Think about how you plan to use a knife and bring the one that will do the job. It does not matter if it’s a long or short knife as long as you know how and when to use it. However, your knife must be sharp, have a comfortable and durable handle, durable blade, and a very efficient cutting tool that will not get dull easily.

Take a look at what I think are the five best camping knives.

Smith & Wesson SWCAMP Campfire Set with Cleaver, Guthook, and Camp knife

This is a full suite of reliable knives, and because they are made by Smith & Wesson, you can be assured they are well made, sharp and very durable. The set includes a cleaver with the 6-inch blade, a gut hook knife with a 4.5-inch blade, and a caper. This set is a favorite among hunters, fishers, and campers because of its durable forged stainless steel blade. The set also includes a pocket clip and a sheath so you can carry it safely where you can get to it. All the blades contained in this set also have an easy release flip open handle. The whole set only weighs 1 pound, and you can carry all the three knives safely in their sheath with no hassles. All the knives in this set are made of super high-quality materials.

Extreme Tactical Folding Pocket Knife with Aluminum Handle

Dare I say it? This knife looks good. It works well too, but the first thing you notice is that it looks good. It features a metal fence design on the blade with the jet black shade that is forged solidly of a 440 stainless steel. It has a 3.75-inch blade and 5-inch handle, but even with such a small blade, it packs a superb and substantial cut. It’s 5-inch handle fits seamlessly in most hands, and the pocket clip (included) makes for easy access and carrying. It’s a good, inexpensive, all around folding knife and will keep a sharp edge without bending even when you use the tip on metals.

Gerber 22-41493 EVO Jr. Serrated Edge Knife

People recognize Gerber as one manufacturer that makes quality portable tools. Regarding cutting tools, Gerber produces sharp knives, axes, saws, shovels and other tools no man can live without. And this knife is no exception. The EVO Jr. has a titanium nitrate-coated blade that resists corrosion and is serrated for multi-function use. It also has an anodized aluminum cut-out handle (to reduce the weight; though this doesn’t seem to take away from the solid feel of the knife) and integral finger guard for your handling safety. It weighs only 2.6 ounces; in addition to this light weight, its finger flip opening is one of its best features. The knife can easily clip to the inside edge of your jeans pocket. It’s hard to believe you can have such a reliable and practical knife at such an affordable price. It’s a perfect and durable knife companion. This is very much recommended for hunters, campers, hikers and all outdoor enthusiasts.

Gerber 22-41120 Steadfast Knife, Fine Edge

This is another excellent product from Gerber. This full-tang (non-folding) knife has a blade made of 440A stainless steel and a textured SoftGrip handle that makes for a better hold. It also includes a nylon sheath to protect both you and the knife. This looks like the perfect knife of yesteryear as it has a fixed blade that is 6 inches long so being the slightly romantic guy I am, I love taking it out and using it for camping duties. The knife weighs just over 11 ounces, and you can expect it to be very vigorous and durable. In addition to being tough, this thing has a blade with a sharpness you cannot find easily on other knives. The handle itself has a solid feel so for those who want a large and excellent knife for their camping, fishing and hiking trips; this knife could honestly be a life-saving tool. It will definitely give you the edge you need (pun intended).

Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife with 40% Serrated Tanto Blade, Glass Break, and Seatbelt Cutter, Black

If you want a small but reliable, efficient and versatile knife, this Smith & Wesson-made 4.4 inch bladed knife with serrated stainless steel Tanto blade may be just what you need. It’s more than just a knife; it’s a multi-tool. Used by first-responders (and a favorite as well among hunters and campers), it comes with a pocket-clip, seatbelt cutter, a glass breaker, black aluminum handle with Trac Tec Insert, and it weighs only 8.8 ounces. I like this knife because it feels firm and solid and that’s because it’s durable and well-balanced. Its blade opens with no hassle, and it locks securely into place when folded. For slip resistance, its handle has finger grooves. This is one of my favorites for a reason- it’s a great knife.

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