What We Think of the Glock 30:

Good things do sometimes come in small packages.  This is one of them.  Big bore power of a .45 in Glocks most compact size.  Ideal for concealment.

What Its Good For:

Virtually all sales of subcompact Glocks are for concealment or protection personnel & plainclothes officers.  That’s true here as well.  Glock reliability, quick draw capable, small size, and big boy power.

Glock 30 Details:

Standard G30 Specs and photo’s (click for larger view on each)

Glock 30Specifications

: 45 Auto
System: Safe Action
Length: 6.77 in. (172 mm)
Height: 4.76 in. (121 mm)

Magazine Capacity: 10 (standard) | 9 / 13 (optional)

Trigger Pull: 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)
Trigger Travel: 0.5 in. (12.5 mm)
G30Size: Subcompact (small)

G30 Hands On Editor and User Review:

This is the gun a ton of law enforcement officers carry, the one you don’t see, the officer you didn’t know was an undercover agent, or other protection & security staff wanting to keep something a little more secretive.

The Glock 30 has a great blend of accuracy, power, a smooth design in a small design that’s perfect to not only keep hidden, but to not sacrifice power when it’s needed.

I’ve had officers and civilians swear by this gun, either as their main conceal weapon or as their backup.  It’s in Glocks subcompact size, so it can go just about anywhere.

I liked the 10 magazine capacity in the .45 caliber even though it’s a subcompact size.  I was assuming this would be an 8 round mag, so the extra 2 standard rounds are a nice plus.

Firing for me takes a little getting used to, only because the 4.7 inch grib height was a quarter inch smaller than the compact size Glocks I’m more used to.  I’ve got average sized hands and this makes my pinkie grip a little looser than I’d normally prefer, but I’m not using this gun to blaze through 400 rounds at the range or in competition shooting, it’s designed to be used when you need it and that it’ll do just fine thank you.

I’m a little more accurate with the compact and standard sized Glocks, but the recoil was controlled and groupings at 30 and 50 feet we’re all on target.

Glock 30 Reliability

As a conceal weapon, the G30 is likely to be exposed to even more environmental hazards and grit.  That means the dirt from your ankle holster or lint and cotton fibers constantly floating around under your clothes for most people.  Fortunately, we’re talking about Glocks so it’s what they we’re designed to take.

We’ll be updating a G30 reliability update shortly.

GlockYourself Final Thoughts

You’ve got to like stopping power, and the Glock 30 has that in big quantities.  I kept hearing Al Pacino in my head saying “Say hello to my Little Friend!” when I fired this gun.

There is some slight kickback but we didn’t notice any material difference between the .45 Glock 30 vs. the .40 Glock 27.  For a very small number of people the grip or kick given the smaller barrel may cause some pause, but most will be just fine and will fall in love with this gun.  We did.  It’s the best “small” gun with punch you can buy, and it’s a Glock, so it’s a double tap win.

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