GLOCK is an Austrian company famous for producing hand guns. These hand guns are famous for providing amazing precision along with neat safety features. These guns are popular among law enforcement authorities, among seasoned and professional sport shooters, and also among people who carry guns with them (legally).

Most GLOCK reviews all over the internet are from police officers or shoots who give their personal reviews. And all these reviews list out a number of positives that can be found in different models of these handguns.

What’s the big deal about Glock Handguns?
Glock handguns are engineered to perfection.

2) Glock handguns rarely malfunction (misfire, jam, etc.).

3) Glock handguns are available in almost any size or caliber you could desire.

4) Glock handguns are light weight and feel great in your hand.

5) Glock handguns are highly respected by law enforcement officers everywhere.

6) Okay, Glock handguns are not perfect, but they’re a darn good choice!

Glock 22

Glock 22The .40 S&W caliber Glock 22 closes the gap between the .45 ACP and the internationally proven 9 x 19mm service calibers. It can hold 15 rounds of ammo and is considered a standard sized handgun. This pistol is a popular choice among law enforcement officers.

Learn more about the Glock 22 from Glock’s official website: Glock 22 Handgun

Glock Handgun Holster or Concealed Carry Vest?

This leather concealed carry vest offers a great way to carry your Glock Handgun.

Glock 26 and 27
The Glock 26 and 27 are subcompact pistols. Designed for concealed carry, these two pistols are smaller than most Glock pistols. Each of them has shorter barrels and smaller grips. The Glock 26 is a 9mm pistol, while the Glock 27 is a .40 S&W caliber pistol. Each of them is great little pistols. Personally, I prefer the Glock 27 because I prefer the .40 S&W caliber.

You can learn more about the Glock 26 and Glock 27 pistols here. Glock 26 / 27


Glock Handguns – The Gun Digest Book of the Glock

This book offers just about everything you could ever want to know about Glock handguns. You’ll get all sorts of great information here. If you’re into Glock pistols, you’ll want this book for your library.

Glock 17

The GLOCK 17 9mm is the most widely used law enforcement pistol worldwide. It’s light weight, very durable, and rarely malfunctions.

More details: Glock 17 Pistol

Concealed Carry Fanny Pack
Use this Roma Leather fanny pack in warm & hot weather to carry your Glock Handgun concealed. This is not an ordinary fanny pack; it features a built in adjustable holster that makes it perfect for the concealed carry of your Glock Handgun in warm & hot weather.

Glock 43

9×19 has shifted a standard in own defense national and for militaries throughout the world. The G43 is intended for any 9×19 round the private or law enforcement communities see right to use. From the 64 grain to the 147-grain bullet, the whole new G43 will operate within the full spectrum of possible ammunition.

Read more about Glock 43

Glock Handgun – Competition Book

Interested in using a Glock handgun in shooting competition? This book is a must for anyone interested in pursuing competitions shooting with Glock handguns. Here’s a little more information from

Considering action pistol competition? Our “unofficial” Glock user’s manual guides you through the Glock’s pros & CONS as experienced by America’s top shooters. This book covers not only how to play & win the popular shooting games; it explains reloading for the Glock, during tuning the trigger, jam problems, and fixing the Glock’s Achilles’ heels before they bite.

Glock Handgun Holster Alternative

This leather concealed carry holster, by Roma Leather, is called a belt pack holster.

It’s a great alternative for those of you who don’t find traditional concealed carry holsters to be very comfortable. It also works great in warm or hot weather when you might not be wearing enough clothing for a traditional concealed carry holster.

I like to use this belt pack holster with my Glock 27.

Grips for Glock Handguns

Tactical grip glove for Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38,43. You’ll be impressed by the extra control these grips provide.

Glock Laser Sight / Light

This custom QD quick release, interchangeable green laser flash light combo will work will all Glock handguns that are equipped with a rail mount.

Lasers and lights are ideal for night shooting. If you can’t find  your sights or your target, how will you shoot?

Glock Magazine Extension

These little magazine extensions work perfectly for your Glock 26 or Glock 27 handgun. You only install one on your Glock magazine and presto – your pistol grip is extended – giving you greater stability and better shooting accuracy.

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